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Building on Fire - Peter Rollins


Lokation: Immanuelskirken, Hedemannsgade 1, 8000 Aarhus C

Kom med til en fantastisk formiddag med Peter Rollins, når han gæster Danmark for første gang! Rollins bringer sit enormt relevante oplæg om: The Secret (of the lack).

Rollins skriver selv: "In 2006 Rhonda Byrne published The Secret. Having sold over 30 millions copies, in 50 different languages, this book purports to help people achieve their dreams by harnessing the ‘law of attraction’.

While the book has been widely critiqued, the basic idea is really just a crystallized version of an underlying ideology that is ubiquitous today. Whether we turn to superstitious rituals, chemical enlightenment, sexual revolution, political purity or financial freedom, we are caught up in a frenetic pursuit of something that might fix everything. And there is no shortage of sacred and secular prophets promising to help.

Combining the most potent elements of philosophy, psychoanalysis and theology, I develop a method aimed at helping individuals and communities move from the dangerous pursuit of certainty and satisfaction, into the affirmation of ambiguity, complexity and struggle."

Eventet kommer nogenlunde til at se således ud:

9-12: Undervisning inkl. Pause

12-13: Frokost

13-14:30: Q+A og dialog med Peter Rollins

I løbet af dagen bliver der god mulighed for at bringe sin egen erfaring og praksis i spil ift. Rollins’ tanker.

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Pints & Parables - Peter Rollins


Lokation: Waxies, Frederiksgade 16, 8000 Aarhus

Vær med når Peter Rollins for første gang gæster Danmark! Rollins kommer med sit virkeligt tankevækkende event: Pints & Parables.

Dette er stedet, hvor man kan få en øl med vennerne og lytte til Peter Rollins når han fortæller og udlægger en række lignelser.

Rollins skriver selv: "Parables are a type of weaponised dis-course that knock us off course, onto radically new ones. They confront us with disturbing truths we might otherwise miss and reveal what lies in darkness. At turns funny, poignant, irreverent and shocking, they cut into us with surgical precision, reaching deep into the hidden recesses of our soul, operating on those parts of our being that more direct speech can't touch.

Over the years, Peter has written dozens of parables and collected hundreds more, deploying them in both his books and public presentations. In this special event, he'll be offering some of his favorites along with some reflections and conversation."

Inklusiv i billetten er en særlig udgave af Peters egen lignelse: 'The Rapture'

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August 2019